perfection is fleeting
perfection is fleeting

Perfection is Fleeting

some of us who are sticklers for getting everything exact find we have little patience even with ourselves as we strive for perfection . should we utter a wrong word or loose our train of thought as we are speaking before others . should a word be left out or misplaced in a text we have published . should we hit a bum note as we are playing a piece of music . should we spill a little coffee on our shirt while we are in public . if we are going out and there is a blemish on our face . our disappointment knows no bounds . we feel we are lacking and begin to panic . the whole world is looking at us and laughing and waiting to pounce upon us with a “gotcha” .

the same is how we might judge others . along the course of life we will find how someone who is admired during one period during another period says something wrong . they hurt others with their speech or actions and people are immediately prepared to write them off . indeed there is something to said about those who constantly are insensitive and sting the hearts of many . there is no need to remain in the company of those who behave that way . but those who on occasion fail in one way or another should perhaps be judged more holistically . more on the basis of all they have said and done than on one misplaced moment .

hopefully we are all evolving forward . we are tapping more and more into our higher nature . we should have pity on ourselves and realize that nothing is this perpetually changing world is yet or ever will be perfect . this universe is not capable of holding True perfection . yes . we always desire to perform at our best . to be aware of our words and deeds and the thoughts that precede them . but then too . it helps little to dive into a tailspin and become flustered when something does not turn out the way we expect or intend or we become aware of a previous error . at least we are aware that there is something inaccurate . when and if we can make a correction that is fine . but then too we are confronting that we are still human and all the frailties that go with being human . we have not yet achieved the pinnacle of perfection . and if we can have mercy on our poor fallible self . then too perhaps we can offer the same mercy on those who trespass against us .

and while on the subject . it may be good to examine why we get so bent out of shape when we discover something is not “perfect” . where does that come from . do we perhaps consider it a sign of weakness and do not want anyone to consider us weak . has there been a time when we were so criticized for any blemish of error that we fear making a mistake . is there someone we hold in high esteem and feel they would never make such errors . do we so fear coloring outside the lines that we may be holding back our own creativity due to such fears . maybe it is time for a reality check .

there are some master artists who will purposefully leave an imperfection in their paintings because it gives it character . it makes it accessible to others . in the spiritual world there would be no need for unconditional Love if there were no conditions to overlook . great character strength comes through overcoming our imperfections and also with the humility to realize that they do exist in us . perhaps next time we spill coffee on our shirt in public we can laugh rather than worry that others have observed our clumsiness