petition vs devotion
petition vs devotion

Petition vs. Devotion

daily we are confronted by so many up and downs . we may find that we begin to wish for things to proceed in this or that direction . that the world would go exactly the way we intend . that problems would vanish and in the meanwhile all or desires would come to immediate fruition . some refer to this as manifesting which may or may not involve God . they feel they can manifest and direct good fortune to come their way if only they would clear their mind and believe in their own selves enough . and if by chance things do go their way they proclaim “i manifested a relationship” or “i manifested a new house” . never considering that it may have been in their karmatic destiny in the first place .

others may believe in God and make the Lord out to be a wishing well . petitioning “Lord provide me this” or “take away this painful thing” . others make a business out of lighting candles and offering prayers for the sake of others . others make a business out of giving seminars on how to manifest stuff or making miracles . they sell books and DVDs filled with advice on how to get stuff and may refer to it as a secret or special knowledge or special prayers . entire congregations may be brought together around the idea of performing “miracles” . but to me this is rather self serving and has nothing to do with the Path back to God . it keeps one engaged in the physical realm . it starts in the physical and ends in the physical .

a few months back i was reading The Discourses of Rumi online . and as usual Rumi speaks of one who is full of devotion . beyond the “churchy” normal level of devotion . that one who goes before the Lord and thinks of nothing else but the Lord . then without asking or even thinking about material matters . all matters are taken care of automatically . this is full Trust in the Lord . it is comprehending that the Lord is ever with us and aware of our needs and is always taking care of us . there is no need to focus on this or that or petition Him concerning mundane matters . this is a hands off approach where the mind is freed of its burdens . one is free to fully focus on the Beloved .

we will never be cheated out of our due simply because we do not focus on our desires . just as there is always air available for the next breath . there is no need to constantly petition for oxygen . thus too the Lord is taking care of all our matters whether we are aware of them or not or aware of His Hand at work . it seems more liberating to instead live free of anxiety by having Trust that all is happening exactly as it is best meant to . to focus on our spiritual selves and devoted to being fully with the Lord in the spirit . as it says: “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)