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ye are gods

ye are gods

it has been said “ye are gods” (Psalms 82:6) . for the majority of those living in this world they take themselves and others to be mere flesh and blood . there are a few hours each day when their attention slips down to the throat chakra or below and dream worlds are formed with all sorts of beings and tales unfold . scientifically some may refer to it as REM sleep . meanwhile a very few never allow their attention to slip and instead soar into dimensions beyond this physical realm into higher realities rather than into dreams .

unlike “sleep” where parts of our own mind is the creator of worlds and other characters . this physical realm is inhabited with kindred spirits in various forms . some might say that Brahm (or the Universal Mind) is having a collective dream which the population of spirits experience . those spirits who have knowledge and understanding of the workings beyond the physical existence work to liberate themselves further beyond the Universal Mind to the purely spiritual realms . after all the mind too is part of creation (a created thing) . but the majority of the population are unaware of anything beyond this physical existence . they toil away and become attached to the temporary things of this world and hoard and search for their joy and happiness in attractions outside of themselves . even though they see endings every day . they go about oblivious that one day they too shall quit this world and put no stake into what comes next .

most arrive in this world to play out their desires . some souls that are further along in their spiritual evolution may come to right injustice and make the world a more comfortable place . then there are yet even further evolved spirits who out of compassion work to liberate spirits to help them awaken and realize the cycle of comings and goings they have been traversing upon and going round and round . they wish to free the unawakened once and for all from the cycle .

the mind and this world is a temporary place . the spirit is immortal . in contrast . this world of matter is an illusion as there is nothing to grasp onto that will not eventually fade away . except perhaps the other spirits that are also here having a physical experience . but then too . this is not any spirit’s permanent home . all those we meet here . they too will eventually return Home to the purely spiritual regions . so why not focus on that which has permanence sooner rather than later .

why, when God’s creation is so wide,
have you fallen asleep in a prison ?
avoid entangled thoughts,
that you may see the explanation of Paradise.


how is it that great immortal beings have diluted their consciousness and have so little concept of eternity . how is it they do not conceive of their prenatal existence . but think their journey began with their birth in the current physical form . they see creation and can only imagine a few millenniums have passed by much less billions of years . much less innumerable cycles of existence . the religions which should reunite them in the spiritual Oneness . instead arouses them to hope for a resurrection of their physical form to live in this earthly realm for yet another thousand or more years separated from that spiritual Oneness . instead of realizing unconditional Love . they tremble in fear of hell-fires and imprison themselves in dogma and superstitions and rites and rituals . one small step into the beyond to see for themselves a higher reality would remedy all that nonsense . but they will not risk it .

as Gautama Buddha reminded his disciples we need to work on our own salvation . such “salvation” only becomes apparent when we separate ourselves from this world and our physical form and experience a reality beyond this . not belief or a faith that there is something more . not a mere insight or some sort of understanding . but an actual experience . then there is no doubt . and as best i know . such an experience can only be had through meditation and an elevating of our attention to higher levels of conscious awareness .

so what does one meditate upon . like a rope cast down a well to assist some poor soul back up to the surface . so too there is a celestial “rope” that runs back to the spiritual Source . call it Om or Logos or Shabd . it has numerous names . if one finds a living person whose spirit has traversed the realms and has become one with that rope . they can put others also in contact with It and lift the spirits to higher realms . sure one could attempt traversing back to the Source without the rope or to locate this rope on one’s own . there are so many “gurus” nowadays who assure everyone they have no need of a guru . but i have found it is much easier to befriend one who has already been there and done that rather than starting from scratch or reading books and trying to pickup tips here and there . my suggestion is to find such a one who is currently living and can provide an immediate experience (followed by further ongoing experiences) of the inner glories and have one’s own proof . not just reading the experiences of others whether in ancient times or current day . have your own experience .

you were born with wings
you are not meant for crawling, so don’t
you have wings
learn to use them and fly